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If you are in an acute crisis, please contact your attending doctor or psychotherapist, the nearest psychiatric clinic or the emergency number 112. You can reach the telephone helpline 24/7 and free of charge on 08001110111.

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Discover with us individualised suggestions of suitable solutions for your mental health.

Our offer helps you when

… you are not feeling well psychologically.

… you are unsure whether or not you should seek help.

… you don’t know which services are right for you.

… you are looking for help for another person who is mentally unwell.

… you want to strengthen your mental health.

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All offers have been tested by our team of psychologists according to the recommendations of medical and psychological associations.



Only offers that really fit your needs are suggested.


Our comprehensibly designed app enables quick and uncomplicated use.

data protection

Data protection and anonymity

The data is made anonymous by our system right from the start and is protected throughout.

Bei uns findest du digitale Lösungen, die dir jederzeit zur Verfügung stehen

auf kurs bleiden logo

auf kurs bleiden

auf Kurs bleiben ist ein Online-Traininsprogramm, das sich an Alle richtet, die ihre Stressresilienz fördern möchten.

Online Training




Der Mutruf ist eine “Mensch zu Mensch” Initiative für Alle, die verstärkte Ängste und Panikattaken haben.


Angst und Panik

stresscoach logo


Stresscoach ist eine App, die dir im Umgang mit Stress hilft. Die Kosten für die App kannst du dir von der Krankenkasse erstatten lassen.





Equoo ist ein Spiel, mit dem du deine Resilienz stärken, Ängste vermindern und deine sozialen Beziehungen verbessern kannst.


Emotionale Gesundheit

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Frequently asked questions

We have psychologists who check all listed solutions on the basis of strict criteria using the four-eyes principle to ensure quality. The criteria were developed by a team of psychologists and are based, among other things, on the standards of the Chamber of Physicians and Psychotherapists, the DGP, the BDP and the GKV umbrella organisation. In order to do justice to the diversity of existing mental health promotion services, specific quality criteria were developed to test different types of informative, preventive, subclinical and clinical support services (e.g. hotlines, websites, apps).

The questions asked in the app are based on scientifically validated questions that examine, for example, your mental stress and mood.

ama mind gives you a personal recommendation based on your mental stress and your wishes for the type of service. For this purpose, several psychologists have informed themselves about the offers in advance and classified them according to 128 criteria. An algorithm developed by us then does the work in the background and calculates which offer suits you best.

The data is made anonymous by our system from the very beginning and is protected throughout. It cannot be traced back to you in any form. Because, as you will see when you register, we do not collect any personal data.

If you would like to know more about data protection, please take a look at our privacy policy for the app or the website.

No, ama mind does not currently offer any help of its own and is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. The only support developed by us are simple measures that can help you.

Yes, you can use our app completely free of charge! This also includes the simple measures and the compilation of support services that are suitable for you. 

Some of the support services may cost money. For some, your health insurance will reimburse the costs. If you are only interested in free services, you can choose that.

Yes. We do not accept any form of advertising and all support services we recommend must meet strict quality criteria.

Do you have any questions?

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to feel better. If you have any questions about ama mind, feel free to drop us a line.